Community and Volunteer Involvement

  • Brentwood Academy

I volunteered at Brentwood Elementary School Academy in East Palo Alto, as tutor in doing pull out reading sessions with elementary school students. The goal is to help bring children reading from lower levels to high levels and building them to be a strong reader. Making sure they know how sound and stretch out words they don’t understand. And to understand the importance of reading comprehension and summarizing what they just read.

  • SAIL (Summer Adventures in Learning)

I volunteered in a summer program titled SAIL (Summer Adventures in Learning) inside of BCM (Bayshore Christian Ministries) which has to do with children learning the society and maintain a healthy environment of the universe. We educate children on reading, math, recycling, and also learning about God and the bible.  SAIL also offers field trips to go swimming or to the museums.

  •  Children’s Day

I participated as a volunteer for community event titled Children’s Day for the city of East Palo Alto. Children’s Day is a community event that entails entertainment such as puppet shows, arts, crafts, recreational activities for children within the East Palo Alto community.

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