NDNU Courses

Finance Management (Prof. Kaplan)

This was definitely a tool for me to learn the value of money and finance. I thought it was good to definitely learn the importance on how to handle money from a general sense. Definitely dealing using money as a product of giving when working in a organization. I would say that it was a little challenging understanding the terminology but i still kept the worksheets for the future whenever I have to deal terminology for my future. One of my favorite assignments from the course is learning the scandals of what goes on the in organizations. It brings the sensitivity of trust and knowing who trust. Overall it was very good class!

Human Services (Prof. Madden)

The Human Services course was considered an eye opener for me to step outside the box and look at different roles people play in society. One of the highlights of the course was to visit different organization and to gain insight of roles people play at their organization. For example I interview the current director of Free At Last. The way he describes his work is considered a coping a mechanism. He takes in people off the streets with a terrible backgrounds. In order to help serve the clients, he considered them as being first in line. He does experience the ups and downs. But overall he considered it as his family. But I thought good to look roles people play in society to help their clients.

Grant Writing ( Prof. Pendergrass)

I took the grant writing course in replacement of the college writing course. The grant writing course I would say was a bit challenging on my part. I say that because of learning the terminology of such as targeting and approaching. The coursework was a bit challenging as well. However, it has taught me how to plan out action in raising money. Such as creating strategic plan. And how target people into helping for fundraisers. Overall I am glad that passed the course! Definitely some good information to pick up.

Managing EAP (Prof. Barsi)

With Managing EAP, this class was instructed by Mr. Ralph Barsi. I remember on the first day of the course i had approached Mr. Barsi with a greeting. His response was “Hi Jahmal how is everything been with you?” And i actually wasn’t expecting for him to remember my name since i last took courses with him back in 2011 which was Business and Marketing. After the greeting he gave me a friendly hug and told how good it was to see me again. From that hug, i felt that it gave me the golden touch that i am going to pass this class! What i got out of this class was learning good work ethics. How important it is to respect the workplace. Speaking on my work experience, i rarely have interest to talk about my personal life others. Unless it has something to do with workplace and work benefits. In other words, respecting people’s confidentially. And not releasing information unless of an emergency. At the end of the session we had to take a final exam. Since i get accommodated to get extra time for test i requested that Mr. Barsi. His response was “Jahmal this is test is going to be so easy for to finish. You will be just fine and you will do a good job.” I was looking at him like he had three heads. So i took the the initiative to study for exam and then took it the next class meeting. Mr. Barsi told me to take a deep breath and it’s all finished. And he was right. I got done pretty fast with the exam. He said, “See I told ya. You are going to do a good job.” And before you know I past with an A. I like to say thank you Mr. Barsi! You are truly the best!

Professional Ethics (Prof. Rende)

I took Professional Ethics in replacing the Business Ethics. This class was taught by professor Mike Rende. What i found interesting about this course is learning the difference the between a job and career. My impression of the terms what the absolutely the same to me. Until i basically learned a job is something you are obligated to do in terms of survival. Which is keeping bills paid, feeding mouths, etc. A career is more based on having a job you are more passionate about. In other words doing something you really love. Then we went on the talking about charity and what’s it like to give if you had lots of money. My favorite part of the course was when we watched on film on Mother Teresa. I have always admired Mother Teresa’s work in helping out the poor. But to realize her purpose of doing really brought an eye opener to me. She illustrates the example of consuming the desire of God, by caring for hungry and unwanted children, some of which included those with mental illnesses and disabled individuals, lepers, the indigent, the elderly, and people whose lives are slowly decaying. Mother Teresa, along with her fellow sisters showed gentleness and good cheer in their internship of caring for helpless poor. They also proved how the spirit of Jesus has higher victory against the devastating conceptions of pain, poverty, and human agony in the world. With the course i feel learned the true value of giving.

Communication Skills (Prof. Madden)

The Communications Skills that was instructed by Therese Madden was a very intriguing class. What found interesting was researching and looking into other work organizations based on their structure. What do they to help out the community and funding. And how well they define the success of their organization in order to make it better.

Social Research Method (Prof. Arbore)

(Will take in Summer 2015)

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