One of my life changing event was when I went visit a friend at California State Prison Solano in Vacaville, California. I had a chance to meet this man who has been on journey of life lessons, education, change, and transition. But i had a chance sit down and talk with him about his passion. He expressed to me that he has goals of becoming a counselor to help young people from falling through the cracks of creating regret mistakes. His words has soothed me with courage to always to follow my dream and being passionate about my goal. I will be forever grateful for him and this wonderful visit.

Second Chance Initiative is a website that helps people who were incarcerated for over 10 years that had first time length of a sentence, which is considered their first offense, allows them get a second chance in having a fresh start and transition of starting their lives over. If you know anyone who’s been imprisoned but looking change please help support them by signing a petition here at this website link:


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