NDNU Hallmarks

When I first joined the the Human Services program here at NDNU, I received a very special welcome by Barbara Caulley and Therese Madden who was part of staff of the Human Services Transfer program. They gave me a wonderful impression as if they knew me for a very longtime with open hugs and encouragement that I am going to do well in the classes.  At NDNU, I rarely dropped a lot of classes because it seems as though the professors here really and truly stand their grounds not only as teachers but to have such endearment for us college students.

I would say that NDNU has definitely taught me the definition of responsibility and being consistent in work completion. And to think critically about putting yourself out of your comfort zone and into a situation that might be foreign to you. And how would we go about handling it. Because in reality that’s what we are going to be dealing with.  When I look at education in general, sometime I find it hard to believe that God has blessed me with a positive work journey in education. I have experience some ups and some downs. I practically grew up in education all my life. Plus my first job was educational industry. But with NDNU, I must say that it has taught me more than good work ethics. And it has parented me with guidance. Taught me right, wrong, acceptance, and appreciation.

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