Work Experience


Bayshore Christian Ministry

February 2006 to May 2014

I was employed as after school tutor under a program called Kidsmart from grades 1-5. As tutor, my duties were to assist children who are in first and second grade on homework, writing, helping them with math facts, reading and comprehension, and helping them build on their vocabulary. My other duty as a tutor is to create a safe and positive environment for the children. For example during recess time, I have to make sure that the children are engaging in activities with the other children. Also making sure they maintain their duties in picking up garbage after they eat snacks.

January 2007- present

In Home Support Services

I help assist a patient who is disabled. I provide medication for the patient from the time he gets ready for school and from time he gets ready for bed. My other duty as caregiver is doing housecleaning such cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and keeping the patient’s room clean. I ensure that the patient keeps his balance because my patient has a noticeable limp when he walks and can easily lose track of his balance and fall down. Most importantly to help create a safe environment for the patient.

Footstep Afterschool Care Inc.

September 2014-present

I work as an after school teacher assistant in guiding elementary school student on homework and recreational activities. The job also requires special supervision and outdoor activities for students get physical exercise.

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